Fueling Cap for LNG Tank Receptacle

Macro Technologies Fueling Cap for
Cleaner LNG Fueling Systems

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Weather, road debris and other environmental conditions are all factors that can contaminate your LNG Fueling Receptacle.  Blowing off your receptacle before fueling won't blow away the dried contamination any more than washing your car with an air hose.  The solution is to keep the Receptacle clean.  The Macro Technologies Fueling Cap is the only cap on the market that will do that.
BELOW: Interior view of Macro Technologies Fueling Cap

interior view of cap

BELOW: Buidlup of road debris on an LNG tank

buidlup of debris on tank
The Macro Technologies Fueling Cap features an interior O-ring seal and filtered breather.  The O-ring seals the receptacle’s vent holes while a garter spring along the ID of the Fueling Cap holds the cap securely onto the receptacle.  These unique features provide a seal rather than just a cover, unlike the other dust caps on the market.

A simple water test can be used to illustrate the difference between Macro Technologies’ Fueling Cap and the other dust caps on the market.
BELOW: Water test result for competitor's dust cap

water test competitor
BELOW: Water test result

water test macro

When a dust cap is placed on a receptacle, it does not effectively seal the vent holes on the receptacle.  Submerging a dust cap covered receptacle in water demonstrates how susceptible the receptacle is to contamination.  Within seconds, water will enter the receptacle.

Whereas the dust caps allowed water to enter the receptacle within seconds, the Macro Technologies Fueling Cap limits the intrusion of contaminants.

Even after several minutes of being submerged, the Macro Technologies Fueling Cap allows only a small amount of filtered water in through the "Filter/Breather".  Because the Macro Cap is fully sealed, the Macro Filter/Breather is needed to allow any residual liquid LNG left from the filling process to escape as it warms up and turns to a gas.

For cleaner LNG fueling systems, use the Macro Technologies Fueling Cap.

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