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November, 2013

Reprinted with permission from November 2013 issue of Asian NGV Communications

Macro Technologies, LLC Introduces the CryoMac2(TM)

Macro Technologies, LLC., a leading developer of LNG fueling technology, announced the release of the CryoMac2™, the second generation of its 50 gallon per minute LNG fueling nozzle. The first CryoMac® model was introduced in 2011 and has since gained a reputation for being user friendly and offering reliable performance and safety. Macro Technologies developed the new CryoMac2™ while working closely with station owners and operators. Utilizing key design modifications, the CryoMac2™ further eliminates icing issues and ensures that the nozzle couples with the vehicle receptacle quickly, safely and reliably.

The CryoMac2™ features a new Stop Assembly engineered to break through ice buildup with greater ease.
A redesign of the Stop Assembly Lever provides greater leverage to break up ice and reduce sticking issues. The addition of a Reset Pawl clears ice away from the Stop Assembly every time the handles are moved forward.


Additionally, slots housing the sleeve guide pins have been redesigned with 30 degree ramps that direct ice buildup away from critical areas. The Seat/Seal Assembly utilizes a more robust Receptacle Interface Seal. The new Receptacle Interface Seal, which seals against the Receptacle during fueling, has an improved service life and reduces the risk of leaks while the nozzle is coupled with the receptacle.


While the first CryoMac® model helped to resolve many common problems seen by fueling station owners and operators, the new CryoMac2™ improves upon the previous design to provide station operators with LNG fueling technology that more thoroughly addresses their needs. Macro Technologies, LLC offers a complete fueling system from the LNG dispenser to the LNG vehicle.




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