Macro Technologies, LLC (, located in Kirkland, Washington has registered the trade name CryoMac™ for their line of LNG fueling nozzles. Registering the CryoMac™ trade name now puts an official title to an LNG fueling component that is becoming well known amongst many leaders in the LNG fueling industry. With its user friendly design, engineering and safety features, the CryoMac™ 50M is quickly gaining recognition and is positioned to become an industry standard for LNG fueling systems.

The CryoMac™ 50M has several key features designed to address common problems seen by fueling station owners and operators. A positive stop allows gases trapped after the fueling process to be safely vented. Non-metallic bearings and air gaps are used to minimize icing issues that may occur due to the low temperature of LNG fueling. Additionally, the CryoMac™ 50M is more light weight than competing nozzles and is compatible with a number of other manufacturer’s LNG tank receptacles.

As LNG infrastructure continues to grow, Macro Technologies strives to design and manufacture products that are recognized industry-wide as viable and proven solutions. Branding the Macro Technologies LNG fueling components is a fundamental step toward this goal, as it provides a trade name to associate with the quality and engineering excellence these LNG fueling components offer.


CryoMac LNG Fueling Nozzle

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