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Automatic Tool Change Series

Presenting the 30,000 RPM ATC-Mac series spindles.  Now your CNC mill or machining center can have high-speed spindles that are loaded and unloaded unattended through the machines tool changer.  

Typically, high speed has been achieved by either dedicating a special tool or purchasing an expensive factory installed high-speed spindle.  The ATC-Mac is a relatively inexpensive way to achieve high speed spindle speed without the inherent problems of wasted horsepower, overheating or vibration found in other designs. 

  • Mill at greater feed rates
  • Drill small holes efficiently
  • Engrave in less time

Now 50 Taper Too!

Affordable High Speed Machining!
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Our high-speed air driven spindles operate on "shop air".  They rotate at approximately 30,000 RPM.  Most mill spindles turn too slowly to efficiently drill or mill with small tools.  Out high-speed spindles utilize a "receiving block" mounted adjacent to the factory spindle.  This receiving block allows the air supply to be connected and disconnected automatically by your machines tool changer eliminating the need for M-Codes or operator intervention.

Reduced production time and better finishes!  The ATC-Mac, is small in size and is a precision tool.  Each air driven spindle is held to exacting tolerances.  The result is a high-speed tool that is accurate and consistent.

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