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50 GPM LNG Fueling Nozzle:  Video Fueling Guide

Fueling your LNG vehicle with the Macro Technologies
® 50 GPM LNG Fueling Nozzle

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Fueling your LNG vehicle with the CryoMac® 50 gallon per minute fueling nozzle

Before fueling, be sure to connect the ground cable.  This prevents static electricity buildup and possible accidents.

Step 1. Blow moisture off nozzle and Receptacle with dry compressed air or nitrogen

Step 2. Push the Red Safety Stop Lever down to insure the handles are back completely

Step 3. Slide nozzle onto Receptacle

Step 4. Push handles toward receptacle. Once handles are fully forward fueling can begin

Step 5. Pull handles until they stop (do not depress the Safety Stop Lever yet)

Step 6. Allow trapped gases to vent completely

Step 7. Push Red Safety Stop Lever down and pull handles back completely to remove Nozzle

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